Find a Food Truck

Find a Food Truck

Here is Missoula, we love our food trucks. You've probably seen (and smelled!) these colorful mobile eateries sitting outside of breweries, concerts and annual events here in Missoula. If you find yourself in Caras Park during Out to Lunch on Wednesdays, or Downtown ToNight on Thursdays, you'll have more choices than you could ever need for some delicious food on-the-go.

Most importantly, Missoula's food trucks are about more than convenient food on wheels. It's about the community these local business owners create, and the local ingredients, creativity and passion that goes into every dish. It's about grabbing your lunch of choice and enjoying it with friends, sitting on the lawn and listening to live music. We call it "food truck culture," and it's rich in Missoula.

Find a Food Truck

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