20 Things We Love About Missoula

20 Things We Love
About Missoula

We love Missoula for many reasons: the stunning scenery surrounding the city, the variety of tasty food and drink options, the incredible art and music, the friendly people who make this community one-of-a-kind—honestly, the list goes on and on…

But if we HAD to choose our top 20 favorite things about Missoula, there wouldn’t be a better time than now, during Destination Missoula’s 20 year anniversary as hosts, stewards and connoisseurs of this very special place we call home.

In order to do this, we need your help. Below you’ll find *19* things we love about Missoula—leaving a space for you to complete this Top 20 list!

Tell us your all-time favorite thing about Missoula, and you might just win one of 20 (surprise!) gifts, all sourced straight from the heart of our favorite, funky mountain town.

20 Things We Love About Missoula

It’s a quick trip from farm to table

“Local” is a way of life in Missoula, especially when it comes to our food scene. It’s more common than not to see local ranchers, farmers and bakers on restaurant menus, and we always recommend the seasonal special, no matter the time or place.

Winter truly is a wonderland

We don’t care if it sounds cliché—Missoula winters are pure magic. Folks trade their commuter bikes for cross country skis, and downtown streets light up with holiday merriment.

Summer days stretch longer

A summer day in Missoula is a special treat, because you can savor it even longer with sunsets as late as 10:00 P.M.

Our kids can play in our favorite craft breweries

Community is key in Missoula, which is why you’ll find so many kid-friendly places to gather. It’s not uncommon to see designated play spaces in a craft brewery, or a front row of dancing kiddos at outdoor concerts.

Where there’s a will, there’s a wave

Missoulians are known for their creativity when it comes to outdoor recreation, and Brennan’s Wave is proof of that. Whether you’re a born surfer or simply came to watch, this man-made wave is a sight to see in downtown Missoula.

We love our commute

Getting from point A to point B is part of the adventure in Missoula. From free electric buses running through town, our famously bike-friendly streets and the Riverfront Trail, it’s easy to enjoy the journey.

Not just one, but three rivers run through it

Life is better on the river, and there’s a whole lot of river to enjoy in Missoula. The Blackfoot, Clark Fork and Bitterroot Rivers all snake through our small city, leaving us with countless ways to fish, float, surf, paddle, or just sip a riverfront beer.

We’re all neighbors here

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lifelong Missoulian or visiting for the weekend—there’s a sense of community that’s evident as you move throughout Missoula. People recreate responsibly, act kindly and take care of one another.

You can always find a food truck

There’s nothing better than pulling up to your favorite brewery, only to see your favorite food truck parked outside. Missoula is packed with mobile eateries, scattered throughout town or gathered together for local events at Caras Park.

Art is everywhere

Missoula is vibrant and colorful, thanks to the many artists who call it home. Art surrounds us in the form of murals, galleries, museums, markets and more. We even have a whole night dedicated to our local artists on the “First Friday” of every month.

We have the world’s best dog park (or at least we think so)

Jacob’s Island Dog Park isn’t your usual dog park—it’s 6 acres of riverfront fun where dogs can splash in the Clark Fork, dig sandy beaches, tear through winding trails and greet passing tubers.

We have the world’s best library (actually, though)

Turns out, we’re not the only ones obsessed with the Missoula Public Library. In 2022 it was named the Best Public Library of the Year by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), and we couldn’t agree more.

All the “fests.”

There’s a “fest” for everything here in Missoula, and we’re here for it. From the Wildlife Film Festival to the Northwest Margarita Fest, and all of our brewfests in between, there’s always something to celebrate.

We savor every last bite

Missoula’s food scene shocks visitors every time. White tablecloth restaurants coexist among casual food trucks, and cuisines range from bison burgers to fresh sushi.

It’s more than a farmer’s market

Most towns have one farmer’s market, a few months out of the year. Missoula is a different story, with farmer’s markets, maker’s markets and pop-up shops scattered throughout town all year long.

You’re never far from a good drink

On top of our killer food scene, Missoula’s craft beverage scene just keeps getting better. No matter where you are in town, you’re never far from a brewery, taphouse, distillery or cidery.

…and you can sip it with a view

What’s better than a good drink? A good drink with a view, and Missoula’s got plenty of those. Pack a couple local brews for a summit cheers on your next hike, sip riverfront cocktails at FINN, or gaze out over the entire city at the newly opened rooftop bar in the AC Hotel.

Music moves us

Perhaps the only thing that surprises folks more than our food scene is Missoula’s music scene. Where else can you see Modest Mouse perform a riverfront show, or Paul McCartney with a mountain backdrop? We’ll wait…

All are welcome

Missoulians strive to create a place of inclusivity and diversity, where people feel safe and welcome to be themselves and enjoy everything this mountain town has to offer.

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