10 Best Places to Pop the Question in Missoula

10 Best Places to Pop the Question in Missoula

So, where's the best spot to propose in Missoula?

We all know Missoula is a breathtaking place– winding rivers, lush, green mountains enveloping the town, cute shops, delicious food and so much more. But now this magical mountain town is taking peoples' breath away in a distinctly romantic way: Missoula is listed as one of the Best Underrated Places to Pop the Question in the US. And with this recognition, we were compelled to create our own list, highlighting some of the best places in and around Missoula to pop the question to that perfect person. Here are 10 of Missoula's most romantic spots to make the memory of your proposal last a lifetime.

1. The Keep Restaurant

The Keep is arguably one of Missoula's most romantic restaurants. The stone building's castle-like architecture, paired with the incredible panoramic views of the city and mountains, make this setting a real-life fairytale. And to top it off, the food is amazing! They are especially known for their rack of lamb and salmon. It's hard to say no in a place as enchanting as this.

2. Hot Springs (Jerry Johnson, Bob Weir)

What's more romantic than a toasty warm natural pool, tucked away in the woods? These small, geothermal bodies of water are private and come with stunning views of  lush forest, flowing water and–at night–the most beautiful, twinkling stars you can imagine. Jerry Johnson and Bob Weir Hot Springs are two great options, and they're less than two hours away from Missoula, perfect for a charming day trip. But if you want more options, we have a whole list of these magical natural springs to choose from! Though the setting itself is romantic enough as it is, a bonus idea would be to bring a warm blanket and picnic fixings (plus champagne?). Your loved one will be sure to melt into your arms.

3. Snowbowl

Not only is Snowbowl an exciting, well-groomed hill, perfect for sharing an epic ski day with the one you love, but it also provides visitors with some of the most beautiful views in the whole valley. And the kitchen and fully stocked bar are no joke–the lodge is famous for its absurdly delicious pizza and tasty Bloody Mary's. So, get your loved one out for a playful day in the snow, followed by a well-earned, yummy beverage and meal in the cozy lodge. (Psst, for future knowledge, Snowbowl even hosts weddings!).

4. Top of Waterworks Hill

Missoula has an endless swirl of lovely peaks to explore. Trails etched into Blue Mountain, Pattee Creek Canyon and Mount Sentinel are just a few of the most stunning hikes around town. But Waterworks Hill sticks out as a particularly romantic place. The photo below says it all. Visitors feel like they're in the Western Montana version of the Scottish Highlands. You'll find yourselves surrounded by green and yellow grass, White Yarrow flowers and rolling mountains in every direction.  And with just the right light, at just the right time, the only thing that could make this place more magical is a proposal. We recommend getting to the top and popping the question at sunset.

5. The "Lock Bridge"

The "Lock Bridge is located on The Van Buren Footbridge, suspended over the beautiful Clark Fork River. This old truss bridge is truly a place for lovers. Lining the fences on either side of the bridge are locks, placed there by dozens of sweethearts over the years as a declaration of their love and commitment to one another. At night, the Lock Bridge becomes even more romantic, when twinkling lights adorning the frame of the bridge illuminate the wooden walkway.

6. Griz/Paddlehead Game

If your sweetheart is a sports fan, then we've got you covered. Missoula is a vibrant college town, full of many loyal basketball, football and baseball fans. Lots of beer, cheers and laughter flood Ogren Park (home to the Paddlehead minor league baseball team) and Washington-Grizzly Stadium. So, check out the itinerary for the next home game and map out the perfect time to pop the question during one of these lively events!

7. Ten Spoon Winery

Located in the Rattlesnake, one of Missoula's most beautiful areas, Ten Spoon Winery is one of the only wineries in the region. Here, you and your loved one can enjoy stunning views and sample a variety of local, organic wines, made from regionally grown grapes. The space often hosts live music and events, so be sure to call ahead to plan your perfect proposal!

8. Brennan's Wave/Riverfront Trail

Brennan's Wave, a man made feature on the Clark Fork River downtown, is one of the most iconic spots in Missoula. People from around the world come to surf the wave, or simply watch as spectators at this incredible river activity. Right next to the wave, on dry land, is Caras Park. A charming area where food vendors, musicians and festivals often share the space. And just next to the park is the Riverfront Trail, which spans a total of seven, beautiful miles. The trail leads you to several parks, the University of Montana, a carousel and so much more. So, why not make a day of it? Watch the impressive surfers before getting a bite at a food truck in Caras Park, and then go for a long, sunset stroll before getting down on one knee.

9. A Carousel for Missoula in Caras Park

Is your loved one just a playful kid at heart? Well, we've got just the place for you! A Carousel for Missoula is not only the first fully hand-carved carousel to be built in the US since the Great Depression, but it is also spins at a clip of nearly 8 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest in the country! This colorful and exciting ride (equipped with 38 hand-carved ponies and two chariots to choose from) is a fun activity for any age. How sweet would it be if your loved one reached up to finally pluck that golden ring and when they looked back at you victoriously, you were there, with a ring of your own?

10. A Venue With Their Favorite Band Playing

Picture this: You've purchased tickets to one of your love's favorite bands playing in Missoula tonight, but you don't tell them this. You treat them to a delicious meal at one of the many local restaurants in town. You take them to the concert venue–maybe the Kettlehouse Amphitheater, or the Wilma Theatre–all the while, anticipation is growing. You bring your partner to the ticket booth and they discover the surprise you've planned. They are ecstatic, grateful and so very in love with you, but before they can even tell you this, you drop down on one knee and pop the question. Now, imagine how memorable the concert will be after that?


Check out of list of upcoming events to find more ideas for the perfect place to pop the question!

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