New Easter Activities to Try in Missoula

New Easter Activities to Try in Missoula

Step up your game this year and create new Easter traditions in four easy steps—your kids will remember this awesome spring day for years to come!

1. Hide Easter Baskets the Night Before

Make decorative baskets with your kids the day before Easter (check out these cute DIY Easter basket ideas at Joann Fabrics on Brooks St.), then fill them with your choice of goodies before hiding the baskets when the kids go to sleep. This way, instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to super eager (i.e., utterly wild) kids who are anxious to start the day, they'll have to search for their baskets first! (Pro tip: Don't skimp with the hiding spots. Let's face it, kids are the masters of hide-and-seek, not the adults. So place their baskets in hard-won locations if you want a little precious time to yourself Sunday morning...).

Paint Your Own Pottery at ZACC

2. Make and Decorate Easter Eggs

This Easter, step the normal egg decorating activity up a notch by giving your kiddos fun stickers, glitter, glue, and plastic gems to work with! They'll love dunking the eggs in colorful dye and getting a chance to customize their creations when they're all dry too. Check out Michael's craft store on Reserve St. for egg decorating supplies. Make sure all colors are divided equally (4 reds, 4 greens, 4 blues, etc.) This will come in handy for the next step...

3. Organize a New Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

Remember—kids are in the big leagues when it comes to finding things. For extra fun, you can color code the hunt. Each child is given an egg color to find and collect, so even if they find a different colored egg, they can't take it or tell any of the other players about it. This activity could take place in the house, a backyard, or a nearby park. Ask your neighbors and other families to join the fun too! Pack a picnic, have a BBQ, and enjoy the afternoon.

4. Ride Bikes or Walk to a Sweet Treat

Take a late afternoon bike ride or stroll with the family and end the perfect Easter day with some more sugary goodness. Whether that be ice cream, cupcakes, or pie— Missoula has plenty of sweet treat options for everyone. After all this Easter play, you will be dubbed the best parent ever!

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