Ten Cent Mule

  • Where: Top Hat 134 W Front St Missoula, MT
  • When: Dec 9th, 2023 at 10:15 PM

Groove Solventless & Logjam Presents are happy to welcome Ten Cent Mule for a FREE live concert performance at the Top Hat on Saturday, December 9, 2023.

Ten Cent Mule is a hard-driving four-piece bluegrass band from Missoula, MT. Their traditional sound covers the mountain melodies of Appalachia and beyond – rooted in flatpicking, fiddle tunes, and improvised Americana.

Each Mule has performed and toured in string bands in New Jersey, North Carolina, Colorado, Utah, and Pennsylvania.

Nathan Bolser – Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio Nathan Bolser found his love for bluegrass while attending college in Southwest Ohio. Since then he has honed his mandolin and singing chops in various bands, jams, and festivals along the Colorado Front Range. Nathan currently makes his home in Missoula and enjoys making music, skiing, and fly fishing.

Sally Thompson – From a long lineage of bluegrassers in Appalachia, Sally Joe carries on her family traditions through Bluegrass music. First a fiddle player, then mandolin, found her forever home with the five string. After college, Sally spread her wings from the homestead in northeast Pennsylvania and found herself in the big city of Missoula.

Tony Burchell – A stand-up bass player keeping the band on beat and the kids off the street. He’s an all-around nice time. Originally “just wanted to jam” with no intentions of joining the band. But when his Ten Cent Mule membership arrived in the mail, he said, “whelp, here we are.” Generally likes bluegrass.

Justin McHeffey – Started on Metallica then turned to acoustic guitar in college at UM. He owes his appreciation of bluegrass music to Wilma and Top Hat shows as a student. His songwriting style focuses on the mountain west in the old days – check out his solo album, “Letters from Hillfolk” for original tunes written and recorded in Missoula.

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