Missoula Named One of the Best Cities to Be Single In

Missoula Named One of the Best Cities to Be Single In

Maybe it's the buzz that comes with being a college town, or the seemingly endless community events, or the friendly vibe that defines Missoula. We think it's all of the above, and more, that caused 24/7 Tempo to name Missoula the "Best City to Be Single In" throughout the entire state of Montana. Their process was fairly simple:

"To find the best city for singles in every state, 24/7 Tempo reviewed for all U.S. metro areas the percentage of the adult population that is single, the concentration of businesses such as restaurants and bars, and income levels. The best cities for singles are home to a relatively large number of unattached people, have plenty of amenities supporting social interaction, as well as a local economy that is conducive to financial independence."

Since "amenities supporting social interaction" is undoubtedly our forte here in Missoula, this didn't come as a huge surprise. Live music can be found every night of the week, distilleries and breweries offer the perfect excuse for after-work drinks, and community events flow year-round. Trust us—you don't need a partner to enjoy food truck fare at "Out to Lunch" every Wednesday afternoon throughout the summer, or local craft beer at the annual Winter Brewfest.

There's a whole lot that makes Missoula a place where people thrive, single or not. Among countless other acknowledgments, our city has also been named a top city for beer drinkers, one of the best places to experience modern art, a top forward-thinking US city, and even the #1 place to run a marathon in the US. The list goes on and on, and we have no problem bragging.



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