Missoula's University of Montana Named #1 in America for Community and National Service

Missoula's University of Montana Named #1 in America for Community and National Service

Washington Monthly, a magazine which ranks four-year American colleges and universities, recently named Missoula's University of Montana top in the country for contribution to its community and nation. And we couldn't be more proud!

The ranking was based on scores taken from a range of civic services and notable achievements. UM students (and the community as a whole) can take pride in these areas with high marks, such as: AmeriCorps and Peace Corps, work-study grants for community service projects, student voter registration and voter activity, the number of degrees in health, education and social work, and an overall high rating of valuable leaders in social and civic fields. Once again...SO proud.

It seems 2022 has been the year to showcase Missoula's many top-notch facilities. From the recently completed, state-of-the-art airport to our stunning new public library (dubbed the best in the world), Missoula keeps finding ways to give the community and visitors something to talk about. And even before UM received the title of best in the country for community and national services, it was named best University in the state and among top in the world. Honestly, it should come as no surprise that our Griz family would bare this new, impressive title.

Students at UM are an integral part of Missoula, not just because they reside here, but because their academic studies are rooted in hands-on experience within the community.

According to UM, the students' first day as Grizzlies involve connecting with local organizations in Missoula. UM's New Student Orientation includes the Big Sky Experience, where students work alongside and learn from community partners including the Missoula Food Bank and Community Center, as well as several other nonprofits.

“The kind of work our students are drawn to and the careers they choose are deeply informed by UM’s ethos of service,” UM President Seth Bodnar said.  “A life of impact, alongside an understanding that we have a greater calling to something bigger than ourselves, is truly the gift of education.”

Go Griz!

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