Teen Artist Workshop - Camera Experiments

  • Where: Missoula Art Museum 335 North Pattee Missoula, Montana
  • When: Jan 16th, 2020 at 4:00 pm

Middle and high school students are invited to a FREE workshop held on one Thursday per month at MAM! Teens have the option to engage in creative, affirming art experiences while working with a professional artist. This program demonstrates a positive, respectful, collaborative environment that strives to make all students feel welcome and comfortable. Both teaching artists and exhibiting artists are trained and hired to lead art projects in a variety of art media, techniques, and approaches that related directly to exhibitions on display. Camera Experiments // Eileen Rafferty // January 16 Playing with the core elements of photography, such as scale, perspective, and depth of field, participants create their own photos that will confuse the viewer. What is real, and what is an illusion? Inspired by Ellen Garvens and Barbara Weissberger's exhibition, "Perception", explore how breaking the rules can lead to fascinating photographs.

The moments we live for in Montana. #VisitMissoula #Missoula #TheresThisPlace⁠ ⁠ 📷 https://t.co/dtwnhsT9Y1 https://t.co/dtwnhsT9Y1

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