Hard Hugs + Goosetooth + Soft x Moth

  • Where: Zootown Arts Community Center 216 W Main St Missoula, Montana
  • When: Oct 23rd, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Hard Hugs is a synth-heavy, punk-rock-disco outfit from Helena, Montana. Drawing on their long history of songwriting and musicianship and wide variety of sonic influences, the band has created a sound that is at once focused, surprising, and original. With an aggressive groove and electronic textures, HH aims to create an experience that invites audiences to dance and shout along in communal catharsis. HH was recently featured on the Myrna Soundstage, the Myrna Loy Theater’s live music YouTube series, and are eager to perform live and in person around Montana and the Northwest.

Goosetooth is a musical project created by Billings born and based debutant Ty Herman. The songs featured on the debut album ‘Goosetooth’ contain smooth and soothing chord progressions guided by a sweet, clean and shimmering electric guitar, accompanied with Herman's raspy and confidently struggle filled voice wading through melancholy lyrical content.

Soft x Moth is the solo music project of Sawyer Braig. A classically trained bassist and pianist, they have collated their past two decades of sonic exploration into their debut album and tour, Catch Me. This soundscape performance consists of electronic tonal percussion, acoustic strings, and melismatic vocals - all performed simultaneously by Sawyer.

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