Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

  • Where: Missoula Children's Theatre 200 N Adams St Missoula, MT
  • When: May 12th, 2024 at 02:00 PM

Once upon a time (well, 1991), the tale as old as time captured the hearts and imaginations of millions when Beauty and the Beast burst onto movie theatre screens capturing multiple Academy awards and nominations, then onto the Broadway stage where it garnered 9 Tony Award nominations including Best Musical. While the story begins with a vain and cruel prince whose punishment is to be transformed into a hideous beast, banished to live behind castle walls, his hope of redemption comes in the form of a beautiful and bookish girl (Belle), who dreams of adventure outside of her provincial town. She stumbles upon the castle, meeting the enchanted servants (Lumière the charming French valet), Mrs. Potts (the kind hearted head of the kitchen staff), Babette (the feather-dusting maid), and others, all who invite Belle to put their service to the test as she seeks to find beauty beneath the beast. This classic, colorful and fantastical fairy tale features some of Disney’s most beloved characters and greatest musical numbers, but it does have some darker moments on the journey, as most fairy tales do. MCT invites you to Be Our Guest at this 2023-2024 season finale.

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