WBM - Grant Creek Trail Ride Reboot!

  • Where: Downtown Missoula to Grant Creek Missoula, Montana
  • When: Sep 28th, 2023 at 5:30 pm

EVENT: Grant Creek Trail Ride
MEET/LEAVE @ 5:30 p.m. downtown Missoula at the XXXs or 6 pm Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation parking lot.
Join Pam & Ethel for the Grant Creek Trail Ride which offers distance and speed options, and is a good one for e-bike riders. We'll leave from the Crossings XXXs at the north end of Higgins Ave at 5:30 with Ethel leading the route to the trailhead, 4.2 miles. You'll learn the best route to North Reserve Street, but if you prefer, you can meet us at the Grant Creek Trailhead by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation at 6:00. The trail itself is 3.2 miles. Total mileage will be 14.8 if doing the whole ride or 6.4 if just doing the Grant Creek Trail. Dinner option will be announced later. E-bikes are allowed.
Items to bring: helmet, lights, water, snacks, sunscreen, tube that fits your bike, lock if you are joining us for dinner.
All are welcome!

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