Find your Groove: SpunJ

  • Where: Top Hat 134 W. Front St. Missoula, MT
  • When: Apr 19th, 2024 at 10:15 PM

As a proud supporter of Montana’s vibrant live music scene, Groove Solventless is thrilled to team up with Logjam Presents to bring you the Groove Concert Series, a fantastic lineup of FREE concerts at the Top Hat in Downtown Missoula!

Spunj is a high-energy fusion four piece that tailors each live show to be a truly unique experience, not just a musical performance. Incorporating goofy antics and a high level of audience participation, Spunj continues to cultivate a dedicated fan base that will travel long distances to see the band perform multiple nights in a row, collecting stamps on their ‘Spunj show punch cards’ (available for free at the merch booth!) and chasing songs they didn’t get to hear at the last performance.

In just four short years, Spunj has shown exponential growth and tenacity in playing shows all along the West Coast and beyond. The Band continues to expand their reach in hopes to build a national audience – In just the last year alone, has played over 80 shows in 8 states across the Western US. Since October 2021 they have been joined on stage by Ryan Dempsey (Twiddle), Luke Bemand (Lespecial), Patrick Harvey and Lucas Parker (Cycles), all three members of Yak Attack. In addition, the band has also shared the stage with Spafford and Eggy.

The group just recently threw down a set at Cervantes Otherside in Denver, CO during their 4-week summer tour. Other stops included Bozeman, Missoula, Phoenix, L.A., San Diego, Berkeley, Placerville & Tahoe (just to name a few). With the unique advantage of being young and hungry for musical success, Spunj plans to tour even more relentlessly, far and wide, in the future.

With each member displaying their own influence and eclectic musical skill set, Spunj tackles a wide variety of genres in a digestible “snack-size” package in their upcoming second installment of their EP. Recorded in Seattle, WA at Mandarax Records, this will be the second collection of studio music the band will have released this past year. The EP features five tracks starting with the lead single “Judgment Day’’ – a steady climbing folk song that slowly builds its way into a full on bluegrass bliss jam featuring Torrin Daniels of the Kitchen Dwellers on banjo.

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