Find your Groove: Indré

  • Where: Top Hat 134 W. Front St. Missoula, MT
  • When: Apr 26th, 2024 at 10:15 PM

As a proud supporter of Montana’s vibrant live music scene, Groove Solventless is thrilled to team up with Logjam Presents to bring you the Groove Concert Series, a fantastic lineup of FREE concerts at the Top Hat in Downtown Missoula!

Fire breathing songbird Maddie Indré writes raw lyrics that make you think twice with catchy melodies that make you sing along, riot, and cry maybe all at the same time. The energy and pure love of putting on a show that comes from her and her bandmates will pull every audience member into their “band fam”. Maddie formed Indré in Northeast Ohio as a solo artist back in 2017. A few years went by before she recruited her brother Angelo Indré on keys and backing vocals. Angelo’s classically-trained piano theory wizardry and his timely humor add so much magic to the vibe of the project. Sam Merendino upped the energy tenfold with his drumming. He truly embodies what it means to have fun playing music. Matt Zimmerman grooves along with his bass guitar and a falsetto voice that contributes to a dreamy three part harmony. Matt is a hippie at heart, and he is the most peaceful person in this band. Christopher Brown is the newest member of Indré with his lead guitar. Chris keeps the flavor interesting with his eclectic taste in music. Indré is on tour now and accepting offers nation-wide.

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