International Wildlife Film Festival

  • Where: Wilma/ Roxy 131 S Higgins Ave/ 718 S Higgins Ave Missoula, MT
  • When: Apr 25th, 2024 at

Our films screen to packed theaters full of sharp audiences that want to learn more about themselves and the world we live in. Filmmakers can expect lively Q&As, engaging panel discussions, and a casual, jovial atmosphere. Alumni remember the camaraderie amongst filmmakers, the community’s love for the festival and their films, plus the casual atmosphere. Guests range from top-notch filmmakers and producers, cutting-edge conservationists or biologists, to the Roxy Theater audience members that sometimes see every IWFF selection. The festival staff is well-known for clear communication, inventive programming, and delivering a fun, satisfying festival experience for audiences and guests alike. IWFF’s collaborative spirit offers opportunities for many national conservation partners to be involved in post-film screening discussions and day trips throughout western Montana.

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