Color Mixing Strategies With Marilyn Bruya

  • Where: Frame Of Mind Art Supplies Store 1700 Brooks St Missoula, Montana
  • When: Sep 14th, 2022 at 3:00 pm until Oct 12th, 2022

A 15 hour course over 5 days, this class is an introduction to how color occurs in nature,
how to use a color wheel, how to see color accurately, mix colors you see and relate color in
an image, design or color scheme. Attendance at the  rst 3 hour class is required since
other classes build on instruction given that  rst class. Color information can be applied to
many media, but we will use acrylic paint to simplify the projects in this class.
Brie y: the course covers: 1, making your own color wheel to understand complementary
color 2. making a series of complementary color mixtures to see how they create neutral
colors 3. Matching color in a natural object and its relationship to background colors. 4
Paint an image using complementary color objects and background. 5. Painting white
objects /backgrounds.
About the Artist:
Marilyn Bruya, Emeritus Professor of Art. She taught Painting, Color and Design and Drawing at
UM for 25 years. She has an MA in Painting from Mills College in CA, and an MFA from Bard
in NY. She has taught this Color Course for the MOLLI Program at UM and at Dickinson
School in Missoula. She recently published “Color Mixing Strategies” which will serve as a
supplement to the syllabus and offer additional projects to develop color complexity.

Wednesdays, Sept 14th - Oct 12th. 10 total seats available, $70 per seat. Ages 12 and up. Register via phone, email, or just come on by during business hours.

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