Wild Harvest Soap Making

  • Where: Missoula Food Bank & Community Center 1720 Wyoming Street Missoula, MT
  • When: Jan 10th, 2023 at 05:00 PM

Welcome to our winter workshops where we aim to teach you ways to utilize your wild harvest, from soap to sausage making.
In this Wild Harvest Soap Making class, you'll be guided by Alex and Lindsay. Together, we'll discuss how to harvest and render animal tallow. Then dive in to what soap is, the soap process, choosing fats, and how to handle lye safely. Finally, we'll supply the rendered deer and elk fat (tallow) to blend with the right ingredients to create three varieties of bar soap. And, everyone will get to go home with at least 3 lbs. of soap for themselves or to share with friends and family!
Doors at 4:45pm. Class at 5pm.
Space is capped at 20 people.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
VENERY is where women learn to hunt. We are a group of women teaching all women the skills they need to be confident, self-reliant, ethical hunters. Our classes, workshops, and camps provide women education and engagement in all aspects of hunting. We are passionate about women supporting all women in the area of hunting and wildlife conservation. Venery is a community where all are welcome.
Lindsay has been making soap for over twenty years, from the early days in her own kitchen to growing her own wholesale company Botanie Soap.

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