Marsh Performance Horses 2023 Summer Barrel Racing Series

  • Where: Missoula Fairgrounds 1101 South Ave W Missoula, MT
  • When: May 13th, 2023 at

1st Race - May 13th
2nd Race – Friday Night Lights - June 23rd 7:00PM Start (TO's at 4pm) (Wrangler Saturday/Sunday)
3rd – Race – July 22nd
4th Race - August 26th
Final Race - September 9th
Competitors will have to run 2 of 4 qualifying races on the same horse in the same events to qualify for the finals.
LOCATION: Missoula Fairgrounds
2023 Marsh Performance Series Guidelines
Office opens at 7:30am (Friday – 3:00PM)
Time onlies 8-10:30am (Friday 4-6:30PM)
Open Riding from 10:30-10:45am followed by a big drag at 10:45am (Friday – 6:30-6:45, big drag at 6:45PM)
Peewees 11:00 am (PeeWees – 7 pm)
Youth, Open, Senior to follow!
$500 minimum added to each race.
$35 Open Entry Fee (.5 second splits)
$10 Youth Entry Fee (1 second splits)
$25 Senior Entry Fee (.5 second splits 3D)
$5 Peewee Entry Fee (payouts to top 4 – ($20/$15/$10/$5 - no arena fee)
$10 Arena Fee
$5 or 3/$12 Time onlies
75/25 payout using BRN4D Payout system
Age divisions:
Youth: 18 and under
Senior: 50+
Peewee: 10 and under
• Open to all riders and horses. Family members may enter on same horses as another family members. Ie: Two family members can ride the same horse in the same event. *The same horse cannot be ran more than two times!
• Open runners may carry over to the youth or senior.
• Open 4D will be paid out in 4D format with ½ second splits. All late, drop out and office fees will be sustained by the committee.
• Buckles will be awarded to the winner of each D of the open, 1D Senior, 1D Youth, First Peewee. Other awards will be contingent upon sponsors.
• A knocked barrel will result in a no time.
• An electric timer will be used. If timer fails the contestant will be given the option of a rerun. If electric timer fails, MPH will use a stopwatch/flagger in place of timer. If a barrel is hit and the timer fails, the rider will NOT be given a re-run; the tipped barrel results in a NT.
• If a timer is hit by a contestant, a $75 fee will be incurred.
• The ground will be raked every 5 runs and big drags will be determined by the total number of entries.
• Pre entries are requested. One week prior to each race, a post will be made on Facebook for pre-entries.
• Entries will be taken day-of up until the last runner in the open race runs but will incur a $10 late fee. All entries after the draw has been done will be added to the end of the race unless an open space is available.
• Must run in 2 of the 4 Qualifying races to qualify for the finals.
• Riders may switch their horses’ positions prior to running. The office must know of the change prior to running.
• Youth division is open to all riders 18 and under. May enter multiple horses. Youth have 1 second splits. Youth cannot carry youth time to open. Only the open run can carry to the youth.
• Senior is open to all riders 50 and up. May enter multiple horses. Only the open run can carry to the Senior. .5 second splits.
• If an open runner has "carried" to senior, they may opt to RUN their senior after their open run. They are required to pay a $5 office fee and notify the office ASAP of the change. This policy ensures our horses are improving each run and allows the contestant to make improvements-which is the focus of MPH.
• Peewee division is open to all riders 10 and under.
• $5 entry fee, arena fee is waived.
• Peewee contestants cannot enter any other division.
• The peewee barrel pattern will be placed approximately 10’ in from the open pattern.
• The peewees receive a cash price for places 1-4 ($20/$15/$10/$5)
• The peewees will be a 5 second split at each race (no D’s).
• A tipped barrel OR a broken pattern will result in a NO TIME.
Missoula Fairgrounds & The MPH Committee reserve the right to refuse any entry, draw out contestants at any time, at their discretion with or without notifying the contestant or horse owner ahead of time. There is a zero-tolerance policy for the mistreatment of animals and it will be enforced! Refunds will be given on the committee’s judgement.

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