Spring Song Circle & Earth Day Celebration

  • Where: Sacred Ally 736 S 1st St W Missoula, Montana
  • When: Apr 21st, 2024 at 10:30 am

Step into the embrace of spring and celebrate the beauty of nature with Sacred Ally at our Spring Song Circle & Earth Day Celebration! Join us for an enchanting morning filled with solidarity, music, and connection to the earth. As we gather in a harmonious song circle, we'll raise our voices in celebration of the natural cycles of life, weaving melodies that resonate with empowerment and gratitude for the abundance of our planet. Following the song circle, weather permitting, we'll embark on a serene river walk, immersing ourselves in the serene beauty of nature. A bonfire awaits us, casting its warm glow as we gather around to share stories, laughter, and the joy of being in community.

Don't forget to bring a blanket for added comfort and coziness! Let's come together to honor Mother Earth and all the precious gifts she bestows upon us.

Featured musician Andrea Harsell will lead us in the song circle. Andrea has been bringing her vibrant performing style and exceptional songwriting to audiences around the globe for over twenty years. With a powerful, supple voice and a plethora of outstanding original songs, she is more than just a major talent – she’s a force of nature. We’re excited and honored to have her lead our celebration of nature!

By Donation: Sliding Scale Model - Recommendations
--Financially Sparse = $10 per person
--Financially Sufficient = $15 per person
--Financially Abundant = $20 per person

Public! All are welcome for this community healing event!

Find more information and register here: https://earthwithingirls.org/programming/spring-song-circle-plant-walk-2024

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