Missoula Makes List of Top 10 Cities for Active People

Missoula Makes List of Top 10 Cities for Active People

It's no coincidence that folks with active lifestyles thrive in Missoula—this vibrant mountain town caters to outdoor lovers, fitness junkies and fresh air enthusiasts alike. Visitors and residents enjoy a long list of gyms, outfitters, spas and healthy eateries, while the surrounding wilderness makes for a recreational paradise.

Don't believe us? Year after year, Missoula ranks high on lists such as:

Top Bike-Friendly US Cities
Best Cities for Yoga
Best US Cities for Fishing
Healthiest Cities in America
Best Marathon in the US

Alright, now we're just bragging, but you get the point. Getting active, staying active and having fun is a no-brainer in a place like Missoula, and that is why our city just landed the #8 spot in the Top 25 Best Cities for People With Active Lifestyles.

Planning a trip to Missoula? Make it a full blown wellness retreat. Our city is stocked with the best restaurants, grocery stores and farmers markets for healthy eating, and the options are just about endless when it comes moving your body and breaking a sweat. Learn more and get the inspiration flowing with one of our related blogs:

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If you're giving dry a try this month, Missoula has plenty of spots for mocktails. Check out some of our favorites

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